February 7, 2014

ATTENTION: Crandon Water & Sewer Customers~

Due to the extreme cold, the Water and Sewer Utility is recommending that customers run 1/8 inch, or 1/2 the circumference of a pencil, stream of water through one faucet in your home or business.

It may take 5 to 6 weeks to resolve the issues of freezing pipes, so until further notice from the Department, its requested that you continue running your water.

Your Water/Sewer bill will be adjusted to the usage from your previous bill.

If you have any questions please contact the water and sewer office at 715-478-2836.

 Crandon Hometown Trolley Featured

The City of Crandon would like to offer their congratulations to Kristina Pence-Dunow, CEO of Hometown Trolley, on the recent positive publicity received from Gannett Wisconsin’s Regional Opinion Editor Mr. Robert Mentzer.  Mr. Mentzer’s article is embedded below.  Hometown Trolley is located within the City of Crandon’s Industrial Park and employees 26 people.